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Developing Tungsten Carbide Solutions Since 1975

We’re a trusted manufacturer of custom and standard tungsten carbide tools.




The Nation’s Leading Supplier of Tungsten Carbide Products

Tunco Manufacturing is a trusted supplier of crushed tungsten carbide products and other abrasive coatings used in manufacturing tools. For more than 40 years, Tunco has supplied its clients with standard and custom tungsten carbide-coated tools for sanding, grinding, cutting, and more. We’ve worked with big names like Michelin, Goodyear, and Black & Decker, and we also serve clients outside the U.S., including Europe and Central and South America.

A Custom Manufacturer You Can Trust

Our team has years of experience designing, engineering, or re-engineering custom tools or machinery parts based on client specifications. Our in-house engineering and computer-aided design services can develop a custom tool, part, or coating solution using brazing, fabricating, balancing, or machining techniques.


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