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Tunco Manufacturing designs and manufactures custom hand tools for clients in the U.S. and abroad. Our in-house engineering and computer-aided design services can develop or re-engineer custom tools, parts, and abrasive coating solutions for a variety of manufacturing applications.

The tool design process begins with the development of the tool or part concept and design based on the client’s desired specifications. Our team will develop a prototype for testing and once it is proven successful, we will begin manufacturing. If we are manufacturing a custom part that you will re-order on a regular basis, we recommend having us manufacture a large production on your first order and store the remaining parts in our warehouse. Larger production runs are always less expensive than smaller production runs, saving you money down the road.

Our Manufacturing Methods

Our team uses a variety of manufacturing techniques to develop the most effective, durable tool for your operation. Explore our manufacturing methods below.


Brazing is the process of joining two parts together at the joint with a dissimilar filler metal. We use furnaces to create uniform heating for a quality product, and we work with parts s large as 36” long and 16” tall.


Metal fabrication includes cutting, bending, and welding metal to create custom tools. We work with low-carbon steel, aluminum, and high-alloy stainless steel.


Our team balances parts by first assessing how the part is currently operating through the vibration values. Once the imbalance is identified, weights are placed on specific locations to bring the part back into balance.


Machining includes modifying or reconditioning the shape and finish of the metal. At Tunco, we use a variety of manual lathes and mills that allow our technicians to create parts up to 70” in diameter. For larger, more complex machining capabilities, we have a full line of CNC machining tools.

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