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Tungsten Carbide Saw Blades, Hole Saws, And Other Cutting tools

Tunco Manufacturing is a leading cutting tool manufacturer engineering a range of durable tungsten carbide cutting tools, including hole saws, air saws, arbor tools, saw blades, and more. Our tungsten carbide cutting tools are created with your needs in mind and our durable coatings and tungsten carbide grit increase the lifespan of your tools, leading to a lower bottom line.



leading custom tool manufacturer

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Tunco offers custom design and manufacturing to create the exact cutting tool for your project. We offer in-house engineering as well as abrasive tool coating for a spectrum of cutting applications. Our tungsten carbide tools are specifically designed to cut difficult materials like composites, fiberglass, plastics, rubber, and other nonmetallic materials. Choose Tunco as your cutting tool manufacturer for quality custom cutting tools.



Why Work With Tunco?

40+ Years of Experience

Since our founding in 1975, Tunco has since grown to be the leader in producing crushed tungsten carbide and other abrasive coating products. We’ve had time to continually improve our process and our products, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Customization Opportunities

Looking to develop a tool specific to your company’s needs? Tunco offers in-house engineering and computer-aided design services, along with the latest  CNC machining technology, to develop custom tools.

Tough-Material Ready

Whatever material you are cutting, sanding, or grinding, you can trust that Tunco tools will get the job done. Our tungsten carbide, Di-Carb, and plasma coatings have been designed to resist wear, extend tool life, and improve performance, increasing efficiency and reducing costs for your manufacturing operation.


Air Saws & Vacuum Air Saws
Ergonomically designed, Tunco air saws feature a heavy-duty blade guard handle for two-handed operation and greater control during cutting. Guards are retractable with built-in guides and adjustable to vary cutting depth.
Our saws have heavy-duty rear exhaust motors, ¼” arbors, and are shipped complete with a 4” Tunco general-purpose blade with medium grit. We also offer a vacuum saw model to mitigate harmful, irritating dust in the workplace.

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Arbor Tools
We offer durable arbor parts and cutting accessories in a variety of sizes. Our hole saw arbor supplies will work perfectly with all of the hole saws offered at Tunco. From arbors with pilot drills to arbor hole reducer bushing to arbor screws, we have what you need.

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Circular Saw Blades
Our abrasive saw blades enable you to cut faster and longer—at a fraction of the cost of similar diamond-cutting products. All our blades are up to 4” in diameter and are compatible with high-speed air or electric portable saws and grinders.

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Mounted Saws Blades
Our one-piece precision blades with integral shanks are specifically designed for use with air grinders and routing tools. We carry blades from 1” to 3” in diameter. They offer maximum accuracy and safety in high-speed cutting. Our sander/saw blades can be sued with circular saws or bench-type and portable disc sanders.

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Hole Saws & Two-Piece Hole Saws
Our hole saws offer extended tool life and smoother, cleaner holes. Our “Precision-Kut” hole saws remove the risks of cracks and breaks that can occur with weld seams. This heavy-duty saw provides superior cutting accuracy and stability while the back wall reinforces its structural integrity and durability. For longer tool life and smoother, cleaner holes, contact Tunco today about purchasing our hole saws.

Our two-piece hole saws are uniquely designed for fast core removal. The hole saw engages into a rugged, all-steel adapter with three hidden built-in pins. Disengage with a slight twist and cores fall out of the top. Adapter has 1/2”-20 threads for arbors (sold separately).

Tunco can also apply tungsten carbide grit coating to conventional hole saws, as well as re-coat blades that may have lost grit over time.

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Choose An Advanced Cutting Tool Manufacturer

Cut faster for longer with Tunco’s complete line of precision cutting tools! Contact us today to purchase one of our abrasive tungsten carbide cutting tools or to speak more about the right cutting tool for you.