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Tungsten Carbide Sanding Tools

Tunco Manufacturing is the leader in the field of producing crushed tungsten carbide products, including custom sanding tools from tungsten carbide sanding sleeves to rubber drums. Our tungsten carbide coatings will extend the lifetime and sharpness of your tools, nearly reaching the lifetime of diamond tools. We also offer our patented Di-Carb, a diamond-like coating, and customized tools at a fraction of the cost of diamond-coated products. If you need a tool created and coated for a particular application, we have both in-house engineering and computer-aided design services available.

Why Work With Tunco?

40+ Years of Experience

Since our founding in 1975, Tunco has since grown to be the leader in producing crushed tungsten carbide and other abrasive coating products. We’ve had time to continually improve our process and our products, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Customization Opportunities

Looking to develop a tool specific to your company’s needs? Tunco offers in-house engineering and computer-aided design services, along with the latest  CNC machining technology, to develop custom tools.

Tough-Material Ready

Whatever material you are cutting, sanding, or grinding, you can trust that Tunco tools will get the job done. Our tungsten carbide, Di-Carb, and plasma coatings have been designed to resist wear, extend tool life, and improve performance, increasing efficiency and reducing costs for your manufacturing operation.



Use the cushioning from our rubber sanding drums to get a smooth even finish when you’re sanding. All Tunco sanding drums come in a variety of sizes that are complementary to our sanding sleeves.

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Sander Blades
Our sander and saw blades function for both cutting and sanding. They can also be used with either bench type or portable disc sanders, or circular saws. All of our tungsten-carbide grit products are designed for use on composites, fiberglass, reinforced plastics, rubber, and similarly abrading nonmetallic materials. Tunco tools will outlast traditional abrasives and high-speed steel-cutting tools.

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Sanding Discs

Our tungsten carbide sanding discs are made to suit any flat surface. They come in five standard grit sizes and feature a universal star arbor hole to ensure secure mounting and easy removal. Our rubber backing pads (sold separately) support the entire disc area. We make sure our discs fit all major sander brands by making the disc center nut with a 5/8” – 11’’ thread.

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Sanding Sheets

Our tungsten carbide sanding sheets are made to suit any flat surface. They come in five standard grit sizes and feature a universal star arbor hole to ensure secure mounting and easy removal. We make sure the entire disc area is supported with our rubber backing pads (sold separately). Our sheets fit all major sander brands.

We also have orbital sanding sheets designed to fit all 7” or 9” platen on an orbital or straight-line sander, with widths of 3 5/8” and 4 ½’’. Our hand sanding blocks are lightweight with an easy-grip design to minimize operator fatigue.

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Sanding Sleeves

Our tungsten carbide sanding sleeves are designed for use with air tools, portable electric drills, bench grinders, drill presses, and our own rubber sanding drums. They are excellent for flash removal, deburring, shaping, sanding, and hole-sizing.

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When it comes to high-quality tungsten carbide tools, Tunco Manufacturing stands out as the industry leader. Whether you’re in need of tungsten carbide sanding tools or other custom tungsten carbide solutions, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures you’ll receive the best products on the market. Contact us today to experience the difference that Tunco Manufacturing can make for your business.