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What Is Tungsten Carbide Used For?

Tungsten carbide offers many desirable benefits that aid in prolonging the use of tools and machinery. Our coatings can be applied to tools to help you protect, cut, grind and sand a variety of tough materials.

Tools for Cutting Fiberglass

Fiberglass is an incredibly popular and durable material, used for everything from canoes to army tanks. However, it can be a challenging material to shape and cut. Traditional tools will dull quickly and buying replacement tools and blades can get expensive. As fiberglass cutting or shaping tools dull over time, it increases the chances that they will crack or fray the fiberglass. Because fiberglass is a composite of resin and fibers, dull tools can also cause the fiberglass to overheat and clog up your tool with resin. Our tungsten carbide, Di-Carb, and plasma coatings will keep your tools in top shape and help your bottom line.

Coatings we recommend: tungsten carbide, Di-Carb, plasma

Tools we recommend:

Tools for Shaping & Cutting Insulation

High-volume production of insulation can mean a lot of wear and tear on your equipment. Keeping your cutters and grinders in top shape will maintain production speed and decrease errors and wasted materials. At Tunco, we create tungsten carbide-coated abrasives to work with insulation. Our coated blades maintain a sharp edge and accuracy longer for insulation cutting. We sell pre-coated tools, including blades and drum sleeves. We apply a tungsten carbide coating to your current tools or even manufacture grinding drums in-house to your specifications.

Coatings we recommend: tungsten carbide

Tools we recommend:

Rubber Grinding and Repair Tools

Tunco manufactures coated rubber grinding and repair tools for tire and shoe manufacturers. Our crushed tungsten carbide coating products can extend the life of your grinding tools and allow you to get the maximum quality from your tools.

Services and products we offer:

  • In-house production of all products supplied to the tire industry.
  • Both new and rebuilt uniformity correction grinding spindles.
  • Sidewall grinding wheels for both rib and raised white letter tires.
  • A complete line of tire repair tools for final finish repair.
  • Uniformity test load wheels.

Tools for Cutting & Sanding Stone & Brick

As one of the oldest crafts in the world, stone masonry requires tough, durable tools that can cut, plane, carve and sand both stone and brick. Using the appropriate tools can reduce breaking and chipping, produce cleaner, more precise stones and bricks, reduce wasted material, and extend the lifetime of your tools. Coating your tools with an abrasive coating or purchasing one of our pre-coated tungsten carbide tools can make all the difference.

Tools we recommend:

Wood-Cutting Tools

When your tools become dull, they can cause chipping or shattering and ruin the grain of your wood. Bonded with wood extractives, silica, and other particles, wood composites can dull your tools even more quickly. Our abrasive coatings help maintain the sharpness of saws and drills, extending their life and use. Tungsten carbide coatings also help maintain the friction of sanding drum, discs or sheets. When tools are sharp and accurate, glue will bond better with your wood and wood joints will fit flush.

Tools we recommend:

  • Circular saw blades
  • Mounted saws
  • Sander/saw blades
  • “Precision-Kut” hole saws
  • Two-Piece Hole Saws
  • Sanding discs and sheets

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